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15 Simple & Savvy Fundamental Table Manners

Posted by Dr. Angelique S. Jackson in Etiquette and Soft Skill Refinement, Keep it Simple and Savvy with Dr. A. Jackson 10 Nov 2014

stay calm and kiss white dressWith Thanksgiving around the corner, I thought it would be timely to list some fundamental simple table manners to keep you social, graceful,and of course, “savvy” at the dinner table.

Below are 15 Simple & Savvy Table Manners for the Simple & Savvy girl.

1. Wash your hands and face before arriving at the dinner table.

2. Place your napkin on your lap as soon as you sit down.

3. Start eating when given the okay by the dinner host or when everyone else does-usually this occurs after grace, for most families.

4. Sit up straight and stay seated during the meal, unless you have to go to the rest room, and if so, ask to be “excused”.

5. Keep your elbows off the table while eating.

6. Chew with your mouth closed.

7. Don’t talk with food in your mouth.  If you’re eating and are engaged in a conversation during meal time, then wait until after you’ve swallowed to speak.

8. Don’t criticize the food-this is disrespectful.

9. Ask for the food to be passed and say “please pass the (name of food).  Never, ever reach over someone’s plate.

[Tweet “10. Engage with everyone at the dinner table; it shows grace and elegance”]

11. Don’t make rude noises such as belching, burping, or snorting.

12.  Do not use cell phones to text or talk at the dinner table.

13. Ask to be excused when finished.

14. Thank the dinner host for hosting and preparing the meal, before you leave the table.

15. Offer to help clear the table or wash dishes.

Following these Simple & Savvy, fundamental dinner table guidelines will channel your inner grace, class, and elegance as a young lady.

Adapted from Post, Peggy., Seening Post, Cindy. (2004). The Guide To Good Manners for Kids. New York, NY., Harper Collins Publishers

Sealed with a K.I.S.S.~ Keep It Simple & Savvy! 


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