Miss Congeniality Girls | 5 Simple & Savvy tips to Maneuver Sticky Situations at the Dinner Table.

5 Simple & Savvy tips to Maneuver Sticky Situations at the Dinner Table.

Posted by Dr. Angelique S. Jackson in Etiquette and Soft Skill Refinement, Keep it Simple and Savvy with Dr. A. Jackson 13 Nov 2014

stay calm and kiss white dressWe all have been there~that moment when you chomp down on something and then realize its taste is less than desirable.  Well fret no more~I am going to give you 5 Simple & Savvy tips, to save you, once another sticky situation occurs during dining.  Oh, and trust me, it will happen but now you will be ready!!

Here you go!  5 Simple & Savvy tips to maneuver sticky situations at the dinner table.


1.  You chew on something you don’t like~simply remove it discreetly by placing the item back on your fork or spoon and then put on the edge of your plate.  Do not use your hands to take it out of your mouth.

2.  If you see something on your plate that should not be there, like a piece of hair, simply remove it, without commenting, and place it on the edge of the plate.  Find a way to discretely let the waiter or waitress know so they can remedy the situation.

If you are at a private, house dinner party, do the same thing. Place what you saw in your food on the edge of your plate.  However, you need to make a judgment call if you want to inform them or not (depends on how well you may know host, you don’t want to embarrass them).

3.  If you spill your beverage, warn the person that the juice may flow over to and quickly grab your dinner napkin to soak up, making sure you start with the spillage heading in the direction of the person it may leak on.

If the spill actually gets on the person, take care of them first and go back to the spill, especially for hot spills.

If your spill was a solid spill, like corn or peas, pick it up with your spoon and place it on the edge of your plate.

4.  If you are about to sneeze or about to cough, cover your mouth with your napkin or hand.  If the sneeze or cough is persistent, excuse yourself until you can return to the table without persistent sneezing or coughing.  Always wash your hands after any one of these incidents.

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Additionally, always excuse yourself, to leave the table,to blow your nose.  Make sure you wash your hands before returning back to the table.

5.  If you have a piece of food stuck in your teeth or braces, do not use floss, toothpicks, or your fingers at the dinner table.  Instead, simply excuse yourself to the ladies room.

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Remembering these Simple tips will keep you Savvy for any dining experience!


Adapted from Post, Peggy., Seening Post, Cindy. (2004). The Guide To Good Manners for Kids. New York, NY., Harper Collins Publishers

Sealed with a K.I.S.S.~ Keep It Simple & Savvy! 


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