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7 Simple & Savvy Informal 3 Course Meal Place Setting Tips

Posted by Dr. Angelique S. Jackson in Etiquette and Soft Skill Refinement, Keep it Simple and Savvy with Dr. A. Jackson 12 Nov 2014

stay calm and kiss white dressThe Standard Place setting, generally used at home, involves a spoon, fork, knife, napkin, plate, and glass.  However, the Informal 3 Course Dinner, involves more utensils that sometimes can be confusing, when used outside the standard family meal setting.

Here are 7 additional simple utensils, to learn about, to keep you savvy at any informal dinner setting.

1. Salad Fork: The location of the salad fork tells you when your salad will be served.  If it is to the left of the large dinner fork, then expect your salad to be served before the main course.  If it is placed to the right, then expect your salad to be served after the main course.  Hint: work your utensils from outer to inner, meaning use the one furthest from your dinner plate first and work your way closer to plate with each course.

2. Soup spoon: The location of the soup spoon is the far right of the place setting.

3. Dessert Spoon: The dessert spoon is placed left of the soup spoon, next to the knife or sometimes horizontally above the plate.

4. Salad Plate: The salad plate is placed to the left of the forks.

5. Butter plate and butter knife: The Butter Plate goes above the forks and the butter knife is laid across the butter plate.

6. Glasses: Glasses are set above and slightly to the right of the dinner plate. The first one to the left is the water glass.  Next to the water glass is the glass for milk, tea, soda, or juice.  If there are adults, wine glasses go to the right of the water glass.

7.  Coffee Cup and saucer: The coffee cup and saucer are placed above and slightly to right of the knife, with the coffee spoon on right side of the saucer.

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So the next time you are dining at a restaurant, dinner party, or reception of some sort, remember these 7 simple & savvy tips.


Adapted from Post, Peggy., Seening Post, Cindy. (2004). The Guide To Good Manners for Kids. New York, NY., Harper Collins Publishers

Sealed with a K.I.S.S.~ Keep It Simple & Savvy! 



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