Miss Congeniality Girls | 8 Simple & Savvy Tips for Drinking Beverages while Dining

8 Simple & Savvy Tips for Drinking Beverages while Dining

Posted by Dr. Angelique S. Jackson in Etiquette and Soft Skill Refinement, Keep it Simple and Savvy with Dr. A. Jackson 13 Nov 2014

stay calm and kiss white dressHow many of you have ever blown bubbles through your straw or gurgled your beverage or made loud sipping noises?  Well, although it may be self-amusing, it is not proper etiquette.  With that in mind, here are 8 Simple and & Savvy tips to follow when drinking beverages.


1.  Drink slowly, take no more than one or two sips at a time

2. Swallow the liquid immediately-do not let it linger in your mouth

3. Chew and swallow your food before taking a drink–you don’t want floaties .

4. Take small sips from a glass that is too full until it reaches a level for careful drinking

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1. Gargle, swish or gurgle your liquid beverage

2. Blow bubbles in your liquid beverage

3. Drink the whole beverage in one gulp

4. Lick or tap the glass to get the last

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These may be simple but they sure will keep you savvy while dining.

Adapted from Post, Peggy., Seening Post, Cindy. (2004). The Guide To Good Manners for Kids. New York, NY., Harper Collins Publishers


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