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About Miss Congeniality Girls (MCG)


Miss Congeniality Girls (MCG) is a present-day approach or movement, if you will, of branded programs and products, with a focus on girls of Color.  Our aim is to cultivate the next generation of sassy, socially responsible, and emotionally poised, savvy young ladies.  We use a fresh and eclectic approach, of old and new school values, to address contemporary issues.

Our programs and products are designed with an emphasis on social and emotional learning.  Much like social and emotional learning, yoga connects the mind, body and spirit for balanced wellness.   We believe much of the missing link, in making our girls socially and emotionally well, can be accomplished through yoga wellness and mindful learning skills.  Therefore, Yoga and Mindfulness Awareness Skills are the link & heart of our programs, which incorporate social and emotional learning lessons and activities.  HOWEVER, we don’t stop there.  So, the girls are socially and emotionally well, now what?  They need some polishing to bloom and “rise above” in balance! Therefore, with our thematic approach, we also focus on relational aggression (bullying and “mean girl syndrome”), etiquette and soft-skill refinement, nutritional culinary, social entrepreneurship, and overall being congenially fabulous!

MCG represents the face of the rising “lotus flower” girls of color whose congenial spirits, personalities, traits, and behaviors have been un~bloomed; still trying to rise above the muddy streams just like the “lotus flower” .  MCG’s mission is to emerge these flowers to “rise above”.  As a result, they will become budding flowers and spread their precious, vibrant petals, that will add beauty and balance for themselves and the world.

Understanding that there are often times a cultural divide, particularly with inner city youth, MCG affords our girls an opportunity to connect on a socio-cultural level.  This experience is further enriched by incorporating a culturally, relevant, pedagogical approach that is sensitive to those cultural nuances that exist with girls of color thus allowing MCG to better “connect” with our girls.

Why Girls?

We may have all experienced or know someone who has been a victim of the “mean girl” treatment.  When adolescents engage in peer relationships that are abusive physically, mentally and or verbally, their social and psychological development are destructively affected.  Such behavior that involves this form of bullying is known as “relational aggression”, intent to harm peers through intentional manipulation of their social standing and relationships.  Although relational aggression occurs in both genders, it is more prevalent with adolescent girls.

Furthermore, having the privilege of teaching a single female gender classroom, for three consecutive years, I witnessed the transformation of a  powerful classroom culture, that developed and responded more favorably to discussions, learning, and self-efficacy, with the absence of males.   I also noticed how the single male gender classroom did all they could to visit us for “Fun Fridays”.  They knew if their work was done, without any behavioral issues for that week, they could visit us on Fun Friday.  The girls checked on them everyday, ensuring they were on track for Friday’s event.

Translation for me~ the girls can guide the boys-I never had to tell them to pull up their pants again-the girls told them to do so.  All in all, females have a way to guide our males.  They listen, because by human nature, they want to be around them. Once the girl is great, the boy becomes great.  Where there are no decent women there can be no decent men! Amazing!


Miss Congeniality Girls gives our girls an opportunity to explore what it means to transition from a girl to a confident young woman. Through yoga, mindfulness awareness teaching, discussions and themed activities, Miss Congeniality Girls acquire the confidence, poise, resiliency and introspection on the journey to becoming emotionally and socially well-balanced and to becoming a #MissCongenialityGirl.

Our Twist~ what makes us different?

  • Culturally Relevant Pedagogy, Tools and Products

  • Integrated Content Area Strategies to process curriculum standards

  • Game Changer Fusion of Emotional Literacy Tools and Products

  • Fusion of Etiquette Refinement

  • Game Changer Fusion of Social Media

  • Game Changing Fusion of Home Connection/Parent Involvement

  • Focused Niche

  • Sustainability

  • Feminine~Soft~Urban~Savvy

  • Stay Calm Overall Thematic Approach

  • Congenially Fabulous!

Stay Calm | Stay Mindful | Stay Balanced | Stay a Miss Congeniality Girl

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