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Sassy and Classy Saturdays

Posted by mcg in Sassy and Classy Fashion

Being Socially and Emotionally well, includes being self-confident and having creative expression.  Miss Congeniality Girls fashion experts want to help our high school aged MCG’s push the boundaries, to express themselves fashionably, while  maintaining congenial sassiness.    As Maya Angelou so sassily stated, in her…

Sassy & Classy Saturdays

Posted by mcg in Sassy and Classy Fashion

Welcome to Sassy & Classy Saturdays!!  Miss Congeniality Girls will learn how to stay sassy yet classy at all times with inspirational tips on fashion, health and beauty.   Our fashion experts present “Going to the Matinee”   Get the look ( click on item)…

4 Strategies to Social and Emotional Learning~ the other core that is not so common!

Posted by Dr. Angelique S. Jackson in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), Uncategorized, Yoga and Mindfulness Awareness Learning

Educators are beginning to realize that social and emotional learning (SEL) is the missing link when educating our children.  Unfortunately, they are not realizing it fast enough.  Social and Emotional learning (SEL) is the process of learning fundamental life skills.  The Collaborative for Academic, Social and…

MCGpreneur Spotlight

Posted by mcg in Social Entrepreneurship

One of our topics, for our blogs, is entrepreneurship.; one of our formats will be to highlight MCGpreneurs that exhibit the traits of a Miss Congeniality Girl.  Jasmine has what it takes, do you? ~ Find out here.  Yesterday, we made a post on how…

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