Miss Congeniality Girls | Characteristics of a Miss Congeniality Girl

Characteristics of a Miss Congeniality Girl


Characteristics of a Miss Congeniality Girl

  1. Congenial – Miss Congeniality Girls are Congenial.   They are friendly and pleasant to themselves and others, even when no one is looking.


  1. Calm – Miss Congeniality Girls are Calm.  They think before they act with a calm and clear mind in order to make responsible decisions and act appropriately at all times.


  1. Empathetic – Miss Congeniality Girls are Empathetic.   They are able to recognize, understand and share the emotions and experiences of others so that they demonstrate compassion and concern and learn to value diverse perspectives.


  1. Grit Miss Congeniality Girls have Grit.  They exhibit internal motivation, perseverance, and resiliency, when challenged with adversities, to achieve goals.  They are able to self-regulate, delay gratification, and avoid distractions, for long-term , life-long decisions and rewards.


  1. Confident – Miss Congeniality Girls are Confident They have a positive self-image and outlook on life and believe in themselves enough to tackle challenges and learn from mistakes and try again.


  1. Grateful Miss Congeniality Girls are Grateful.  They show gratitude and appreciation in everyday life’s moments and not to take them for granted.   They learn to focus on life’s blessings instead of life’s problems for a healthy well-being.


  1. Mindful – Miss Congeniality Girls are Mindful.  They are able to be present and aware with their thoughts, feeling and senses to maximize calmness and reduce anxiety in stressful situations.


  1. Sassy & Socially Savvy Miss Congeniality Girls are Sassy & Socially Savvy.  They are lively, stylish, energetic and know when to use their sass in social situations.  They know how to establish and maintain healthy and robust relationships.  Miss Congeniality Girls exhibit social graces and etiquette in public.  They are resourceful about family and community supports.


  1. Problem Solvers – Miss Congeniality Girls are Problem Solvers.  They know how to recognize a situation, conflict or problem before it becomes an emergency and exercise the applicable strategies to solve it.


  1. Complete Miss Congeniality Girls are Complete.  They exercise their body, mind and spirit so that they connect with themselves and others for balance, harmony and overall healthy well-being.
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