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MCG represents the face of the rising lotus flower” girls of color whose congenial spirits, personalities, traits and behaviors have been un~bloomed still trying to rise above the muddy stream just like the “lotus flower”.    MCG’s mission is to emerge these flowers to “rise above” so that they become budding flowers and spread their precious and vibrant petals that will add beauty and balance for themselves and the world.

Developed with social and emotional literacy learning as the focus, AND  motivated on the basis for our girls to think and react in everyday life’s moments (calm), AND realizing that using current trends to connect with children is key, Miss Congeniality Girls has embraced the popular catchphrase “keep calm.”

Therefore, we created our Stay Calm line of services, programs and products for our girls to, well… do just thatStay Calm.  With Yoga Wellness as the nucleus, paired with Social and Emotional Learning; Etiquette and Soft Skill Refinement, and Nutritional Wellness, MCG is allowed to push the boundaries for girls of color.  They become equipped with the tools they need for total balance and well-being. Our programs and products are used in after-school programs, summer programs, school day wellness push-in or pull-out, as a complement or replacement of traditional physical education classes, educational enhancements for parents, and for children who are home-schooled.  All of MCG programs are highly recommended for relational aggressive girls (bullying and “mean girl” syndrome).

Our Programs and Products engage Grades K-12

Although these programs can be chosen in isolation and in any order, we do have a suggested sequence, for maximum benefits.

We suggest the following order of themed programs:

Stay Calm and Stride On ~ this program focuses on social and emotional learning; girls learn to perceive and manage their emotions, learn empathy and social awareness and acceptance, responsible decision making, delay gratification, and develop grit and self -esteem/efficacy, and relationship skills.  This is the program that digs deep and puts them into the driving seat, on the road to self-discovery, as they start to emerge through the muddy waters (see lotus flower analogy). Read More Here

Stay Calm and Be Mindful ~ Miss Congeniality Girls calming and mindfulness techniques are further explored and applied in this program as they learn to stay calm and respond to situations as opposed to react to them.  This program helps them to center and connect the body and mind for maximum balance and harmony; it gives them a deeper sense of awareness, and inner peace, and taps into their creative abilities. Read More Here

Stay Calm and Cook Healthy ~ Our epicurean culinary program is another step as girls start to become balanced and complete.  Yoga and healthy cooking choices maximize their potential, for ultimate wellness.  This puts them on track for a life-long health and wellness habit. Read More Here

Stay Cam and Dazzle ~ this program is the last step to polish and have their petals bloom ( see lotus flower analogy), as we send them  off into the world.  Why empower them with inner strength and not know how to properly display it to the world?  Our Stay Calm and Dazzle program equips the girls with proper etiquette/ social graces, and soft-skills to dazzle anyone in their presence. Read More Here

Stay Calm and Innovate ~ this program is the last phase of the series, giving the girls an opportunity for application.  They are  empowered to become social entrepreneurs, making a difference for themselves and the world.  Our Stay Calm and Innovate Program, aims to teach children about world issues, and how they can make a difference.  The girls learn what it is like to become a global citizen, by instilling values of financial responsibility, personal initiative, global awareness, and giving back. Philanthropic and Social Awareness skills are instilled, cultivated, and applied in this engaging and innovative series.  Read More Here

Completing the entire Stay Calm Series, equips Miss Congeniality Girls with the necessary tools, strategies, and skill sets to become the next generation of sassy, savvy, emotional well, and of course, congenial leaders.

Yoga and mindfulness awareness learning are the anchors of our programs; therefore each theme incorporates basic yoga wellness and mindfulness classroom calming techniques followed by themed activities.  The “Stay Calm and Be Mindful track goes into a more in-depth routine utilizing yoga and mindfulness awareness for healthy social and emotional well-being.  Most of the themes have overlapping threads so that the girls are always exposed to techniques and tools to stay Calm and be Mindful!

Our Products:

  • * Stay Calm and Reflect Journal Line ~ A Little bit of sassy, but oh so classy… journal line created with cultural identity in mind ~ Read More Here

  • * Stay Calm and Congenial~ Miss Congeniality Girls Congenial Chats Expression Notes and Stationary ~ Read More Here

  • * Stay Calm and Breathe ~ Miss Congeniality Girls “Miss Twists” Yoga Products ~ Read More Here

Not ready for our themed series~No worries!! Miss Congeniality Girls also offers “Stay Clam and Learn”, a 3 hour train~ the~ trainer model for members of your staff to learn how to integrate our program into your school culture.  Teachers will learn different yoga pose sequences (including restorative yoga poses), mindfulness activities, calming breathing techniques, thinking and learning brain readiness poses, and how to integrate a culturally relevant wellness routine into your school day.

Be sure to inquire about our parental involvement, yoga wellness, series with all the same benefits.  Our parent involvement yoga wellness program includes culturally relevant discussions and activities, that maximize parental involvement, bridge to a community of parental support, and the gift of health & wellness for our parents.

Click Here to create a culture of creativity, community, confidence and calmness in your school, organization or home.  Be sure to inquire about our teacher yoga wellness programs, offering many of the same benefits for overall mindfulness teaching and learning.

Click here for research benefits on yoga and mindfulness activities on teaching and learning for children provided by The Garrison Institute.

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