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Mindful Awareness


What is Mindfulness learning?

Mindfulness simply means being intentionally and purposefully aware and conscious with our present moment’s thoughts, actions , sensations, and feelings without judging or reacting to them.  As a result, it gives us an opportunity to respond appropriately as opposed to reacting irrationally.  With mindfulness, we are mindful of a continued purpose to be present with our “right now” experience.


Benefits of Mindfulness  

~ Ability to manage emotions and stay calm and  balanced in challenging situations ( Emotional Literacy)

~ Respond to emotional triggers and situations responsibly and not reactively (Emotional Literacy)

~ Reduced anxiety and stress

~ Develop grit (resiliency)

~ Increased Self and Social awareness

~ Overall,  Stay Calm, Stay Balanced and Stay Congenial


MCG Mindfulness techniques

We use a combination of connection and awareness practices through breathing and movement exercises, and silent and guided mindful visualizations and journaling.

~ Breathing -We use the breath to focus the attention while concentrating on breathing to support awareness and calmness

~ Movements-We use a combination of restorative yoga and other and other mindful moving movements to reduce stress and anxiety and to maximize concentration, attention, awareness.

~ Silent and Guided Mindful Visualizations-We use both Silent Mindful Visualizations (SMV) and Guided Mindful Visualizations (GMV) to quiet the mind for purposeful and intentional awareness and concentration on the “right now” thinking and doing experience without judgment and reacting; creating a bridge to responsible decision making.

~ Journaling-We use journaling as a means to creative expression and intentional focusing before and after yoga and mindfulness activities.

Our Stay Calm and Be Mindful page outlines more Emotional Literacy Pedagogy ~ Click Here


Stay Calm | Stay Mindful | Stay Balanced | Stay a Miss Congeniality Girl  

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