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Press & Media~ What’s New!


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MCG “What’s Cooking?“ Recipe Cards help make cooking a bit more exciting.
We offer colorful, sassy, savvy, and culturally relevant recipe cards. Use our
recipe cards to create, cherish and swap your favorite recipes.
Not only are these used in our “Stay Calm and Cook Healthy Program,” but they
are also practical for wedding and bridal shower activities, kids cooking programs,
birthdays, postcard greetings, cooking parties, or any creative idea you can stay
calm and imagine! These cards promote creativity, literacy, and learning by
writing, measuring, researching, speaking, and listening.


With the success of our “Stay Calm and Innovate” social entreprenuership program for kids, teachers often asked ~ “What do you have for adults?” Many teachers wanted to start side businesses in education, such as tutoring, writing curriculum, coaching, being an author, etc.  Also, many had hobbies they wanted to turn into cash ,such as baking, wedding coordinators, physical training, etc.  However, they had no idea where to start or how to start.  With this in mind, we developed a starter package to kick start the “Entrepreneur Within You” with our

“Stay Calm and Be a Boss” campaign!


MCG ~Summer Boot Camp!

summer flyerDid you know that there is an achievement gap with class and ethnic groups?  Furthermore, did you know the achievement gap widens during the summer?

Give your students a competitive edge, on the summer loss achievement gap, AND learn vital social and emotional skills with our “Stay Calm and Achieve” summer program.

This program combines social and emotional learning, tutoring academics and other vital skills, such as a social literacy entrepreneurship, etiquette, culinary, yoga, sports, and a healing visual arts program, to cater to the “whole child”.

Miss Congeniality Girls and Mister Chivalrous Gents give our girls and males an opportunity to explore what it means to transition from adolescent girls and males to confident, congenial and chivalrous young women and gentlemen.  They acquire the confidence, poise, resiliency and introspection on the journey to becoming emotionally and socially well-balanced.

Our summer program is 100% customized for your school or organization needs.

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 Stay Calm | Stay Mindful | Stay Balanced | Stay a Miss Congeniality Girl/ Stay a Mister Chivalrous Gent

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