Miss Twist ~ Yoga Activity Cards

Miss Congeniality Girls ~ Miss Twists Yoga Activity Cards are the first and only line of yoga interactive cards to reflect girls of color. Each card reveals a yoga pose demonstrated by a sassy and classy Miss Congeniality Girl character of color; each being relatable to capture the personality of every girl of color. Our first line includes 15 popular poses that are perfect for the novel yogi. The back of each card has the yoga pose procedure, affirmations and a mindful moment reflection to focus on the present moment while acknowledging and accepting feelings and thoughts for maximized balance and harmony.

Ideas for Use:

* Home-schooled students
*Counselors and Social Workers
*Child psychologists
* Teachers to begin the day, use as a midday transition activity, end of day activity, center activity, etc.
* Teacher Retreats
* Lunch Break
* After-Work Relaxing Activity
* At Home after school calming down activity
* Girl get together
* Birthday parties
* Mom and daughter at home session
* Adult Women Events
* Any and everything

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