I am Grateful Note Cards
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21 Day I am Grateful Note Card Kit


I am Grateful Note Card Literacy Kit

Includes 21 Note Cards

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Product Description

To help ensure being
intentionally grateful, Miss
Congeniality Girls has
created our “Stay Calm and Be
Grateful” Note Card Chats.

Restore social graces, civility, and kindness by using these Chats to give to
people daily. Show people expressions of gratitude for moments ranging from
random acts of kindness, uplifting words and encouragement, or simply
being a good friend/family member. You can even express moments of gratitude to strangers for an an unexpected good deed, such as someone giving up their seat on the bus.

It takes 21 days to make or break a habit.. so why not make a habit of gratitude
and showing kindness. Using both the JOURNAL and GRATITUDE CHATS in your schools, mentoring programs, after-school programs, and even households, for 21 days, will improve negative attitudes, behavior, reduce bullying, and aggression, and channel self-love and love for others.


This products works best when paired with our “Stay Calm and Be Grateful” Gratitude Journal. 

Get both items together here.  This item is also used as a supplement pack for those that have eh journal and want to do an additional 21 days of gratitude note card activities.   


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