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LIL Miss CEO 2-African-American Girl Personal Stationery


Set of 10 Flat Note Cards, 10 Envelopes

Also available with LILMiss CEO hair up and skirt

Product Description

Encourage Entrepreneurship with our “Stay Calm and Be a Boss” line for budding entrepreneurs.  This not only reinforces literacy and emotional literacy but it reinforces financial literacy as well.  Using these cards as  everyday stationery, after-school programs or clubs, and  financial literacy programs, will help spark the entrepreneur within.

Provide your daughter with her very own set of “everyday” notes and greeting cards.  At the same time, instill Emotional Literacy and Social Graces Etiquette, in your daughter and students.

This card is completely customizable-add a name, club, etc. to fit your daughter’s personality.

We have an adult and teen line too

Set of 10 Flat Note Cards (4 x 6) 10 envelopes

Everyday Social Graces and Entrepreneurship Inspiration to give to:

  • Friends at school

  • Teachers

  • Siblings

  • Parents

  • Use as personal stationery

  • Use for financial literacy programs

  • Use for after-school programs and clubs

Custom Design Options




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