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Professional and Posh Personal Desk Stationery


Set of 25 Flat Note Cards (4 x 6)

25 envelopes

Available for other cultures and with a variety of skin tones and hair styles

Product Description


Stay Savvy with our “Professional and Posh~ From the Desk Of” Adult line.  This adult line of “Professionals Rock” card line is ideal for any profession.  Use it as your personal stationery, gifts, notes to use at work, and overall celebrate YOU as a “Professional”. These cards are personalized with your name on front.  They are also available without words on front.

Some other uses:

  • Personal Stationery

  • Gift to a person getting a new job

  • Gift to a  person opening their own business

  • Gift for Boss Day

  • Gift for Administrative Professional Day

  • Teacher Paraprofessionals Day

Set of 10 Flat Note Cards (4 x 6)

25 envelopes

Custom Design Options





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