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Stay Calm and Be Mindful

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Our Stay Calm and Be Mindful Yoga and Wellness Program offer schools and other organizations a variety of wellness options to keep girls mindful, balanced and of course~ calm.


Stay Calm and Be Mindful is suggested as Phase II in the Miss Congeniality Girls Stay Calm Series.

Miss Congeniality Girls calming and mindfulness techniques are further explored and applied in this program, as they learn to stay calm and respond to situations as opposed to react to them.  This program helps them to center and connect the body and mind for maximum balance and harmony; it gives them a deeper sense of awareness , inner peace and taps into their creative abilities.

Through yoga and mindfulness awareness activities, our Miss Congeniality Girls will create a habit of wellness with our curriculum themed approach.  This innovative health and wellness yoga program reinforces social and emotional learning while helping girls live in balance and harmony.

Resulting in enhanced mind and body connections, the girls gain self-control as they learn to become more self-aware of their bodies, emotions and self-expression.

Overall concentration, focus and attention spans are increased, as the girls learn to self-manage emotions, daily stressors, and anxiety, with simple breathing techniques and mindfulness activities.  These techniques maximize attention for processing, analyzing and learning.

Social-Awareness and Relationship Skills are maximized as they learn to better socially interact, accept themselves and others, value diversity and have gratitude and appreciation for everyday life’s moments and blessings.

An instilled state of calmness fosters patience, insight, self-regulation skills and resiliency; all enhancing responsible decision making.


Other benefits of our program:

  • Fights Childhood Obesity

  • Culturally Relevant Products and Curriculum

  • Calms relational aggressive (mean/bully) girls

  • Boosts Confidence

  • Exposed to “across the curriculum”  higher order thinking literacy strategies

  • Energy Booster

  • Improves Posture, circulation, digestion and immune systems

  • Improved Executive Functions

  • Habit Forming Life~Long Sustainability

  • Creates a culture to Stay Calm and Be Mindful


This program offers something for all Miss Congeniality Girls and provides them with an overall health and wellness habit building routine.

Girls in this program would be:

~Girls who exhibit high social and academic achievement

~Girls who exhibit low social and academic achievement

~Girls who are overweight

~Girls who are anxious

~Girls who are disruptive

~Girls who are physically inactive

~Girls who are creative

~Girls who learn with a naturalist (nature) Intelligence

Some Popular Themes in this series are:

  • Social Entrepreneurship ( with our One Hen, Inc. Partnership)

  • Body~Mind~ Spirit

  • Service to self~ others ~and the world

  • Gratitude~Embrace~Release

  • Strengths~Weaknesses~Intentions

  • Happiness~Love~Joy

  • Smile~Friendliness~Balance

  • Foundation~Integrity~Discipline

  • Space~Air~Earth~Water

  • Vulnerability~Courage~Dedication

  • Stillness~Mindfulness~Listening~Internal Talk

  • Many Others

  • Want more themes?  Click on our other programs to see associated themes

Our approach employs all of the learning domains and includes a variety of pedagogical strategies that include:

  • Emotional literacy curriculum integration

  • Music/Art

  • Role Play

  • Student Led Panel Discussions

  • On-line Virtual Component

  • Collaborative Discussions

  • Mindful Classroom Calming Connections

  • Engaging Social and Emotional Learning Activities

  • Social Media Integrated Curriculum

  • Family Involvement Connection

Each girl receives a JournalYoga Mat, Yoga Activity Cardsand a set of Yoga Congenial Chat Cards .  Contact us today to create a cultureof creativity, community, confidence and calmness in your school, organization or home.

Our programs and products are used in after-school programs, summer programs, school day wellness push-in and pull-out, as a complement or replacement of traditional physical education classes, educational enhancements for parents, and for children who are home-schooled.  All of MCG programs are highly recommended for relational aggressive girls.

Click Here to create a culture of creativity, communityconfidence and calmness in your school, organization or home.

Not a school or organization~~No Problem!! Our yoga activity cards, mats and journals can be effortlessly used at home.   Click here for product details.

Click here for research benefits on yoga and mindfulness activities on teaching and learning for children provided by The Garrison Institute.

Click here to see Miss Congeniality Girls approach to mindfulness learning.

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