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Inspired from my grade school years, I can remember passing notes back and forth to friends in class.  Although my teacher, at that time, did not condone this, I actually embraced it when I was a teacher.  I realized these notes not only helped my students with literacy, but they also served as a  vehicle to communicate social and emotional needs – EMOTIONAL LITERACY.

Imagine a girl managing her emotions by writing a note to express her feelings to a bully or to someone she thinks offended her in some way.  Imagine a girl expressing empathy and social awareness to someone with a note of encouragement and reassurance.  Imagine the girl teenager who won’t talk to their parents about an uncomfortable face to face topic but may instead decide to use the congenial chat note.  As a result, it bridges the gap for robust communication, demonstrates responsible decision making, and acknowledges the family unit as a support.

Miss Congeniality Girls Congenial Chats embrace today’s girl of color with images, circumstances, and popular expressions that are culturally relevant, and yet relatable, for this generation of savvy girls.  Similar to our Miss Congeniality Girls Stay Calm Reflection Journal Line, our Miss Congeniality Girls Congenial Chats Expression Notes and stationary line foster emotional literacy and social and emotional learning.   These notes will assist girls with empathy, and knowing and managing emotions, and expressing feelings appropriately as an option to relational aggressive behavior and language.

Oh, and don’t forget Social Graces………. Miss Congenitally Girls wants to revitalize social Graces by giving this generation of girls tools to say “thank you”, “you’re welcome”,  “you’re invited”, etc.  These items not only strengthen literacy and relationships……… they are timeless!

We offer two chat card lines:Untitled-22c

  •  * Little Miss Congeniality Girls Congenial Chat line (ages 5-10)  DETAILS HERE

  •  * Miss Congeniality Girls Congenial Chat line (ages 11-24)  DETAILS HERE

 Congenial Chats:

* Improve literacy

* Manage Emotions

* Instill Social Graces (Etiquette)

* Connect Culturally

* Make girls congenially fabulous


This line can be used at home, school, child therapist office, and other organizations with social and emotional, etiquette and relational aggression programs.  Girls will cultivate proper etiquette and literacy, while having fun with their very own stationary with images that reflect them.    Stay Calm | Stay Congenial |Stay Culturally Relevant  ~ with Miss Congeniality Girls Congenial Chats.

Ask about our discounts for 10 or more sets of Miss Congeniality Girls Congenial Chats.



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