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Stay Calm and Cook Healthy

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stay calm and cook healthyStay Calm and Cook Healthy is suggested as Phase III in the Miss Congeniality Girls Stay Calm Series; it is another step as they start to become balanced and complete.  Yoga and healthy cooking choices maximize their potential, for ultimate wellness.  This puts them on track for a life-long health and wellness habit.

This is a hands-on cooking class that fosters cultural diversity, healthy cooking choices, dining etiquette and an overall appreciation for culinary.  Opportunities for parents to co-cook with the students are encouraged to strengthen family involvement, engagement, and bonding.  The curriculum supports interdisciplinary learning in literacy, math, geography, music, art, and nutrition; while gaining a deeper understanding of world diversity.  Stay Calm and Cook Healthy includes a variety of culinary themes, each fashioned so that MCG’s will  experience a culturally and socially relevant experience, complete with our yoga and mindfulness awareness component.


Social and emotional learning (SEL) is supported as students learn to become more socially-aware about cultural and global etiquette, dining and cuisine.  They learn to strengthen healthy relationships with family, co-chefs and tapping into the art of cuisine to build relationships.  They learn to make responsible decisions as it relates healthy food choices and understanding the connections in eating healthy and being well and complete.  They learn to be in tune with self to know and be aware of emotions that triggers unhealthy eating disorders and patterns such as binge and stress eating and how to manage them.

Our Stay Calm and Cook Healthy Series includes our recipe cards.   Each card highlights a recipe being revealed by a sassy and classy Miss Congeniality Girl character of color.  Each card is relatable to capture the personality of every girl of color.  At the end of each lesson, the students are given the cards to take home and are encouraged to cook the recipes at home with their families.

This is one of our wellness favorites!  Girls get to benefit from yoga and mindfulness activities and then learn how to select and make healthy food dishes~ a win/win for balanced wellness.  Girls with an interest in culinary and girls who need attention to weight detail are ideal participants for this class.

recipe black teenIncludes

~ Chef’s Apron

~ Set of Recipe Cards

~ Cooking and Eating Reflection Journal

~ Blog -contribute to weekly blogs on healthy eating



Some SEL inspired themes in this series include:

~ The Spice of Life

~ Go Green

~ LOL (Lifts of Love~ Dishes)

~ Go Global

~Many, Many More



Our programs and products are used in after-school programs, summer programs, school day wellness push-in or pull out, as a complement or replacement of traditional physical education classes, educational enhancements for parents, and for children who are home-schooled.  All of MCG programs are highly recommended for relational aggressive girls.   Contact us today for a stay calm and cook healthy culture.

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