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Stay Calm and Dazzle

Miss Congeniality Girls

Etiquette and Soft Skills Refinement Series



stay calm and dazzle 2Stay Calm and Dazzle is suggested as Phase IV in the Miss Congeniality Girls Stay Calm Series; it is the last step to polish and have their petals bloom ( see lotus flower analogy), as we send them  off into the world.

Social and Emotional Well-Being is just the beginning of being a Miss Congeniality Girl.  Once you know how to perceive and manage your emotions, make responsible choices, build healthy relationships and respect and care for others, now what?  Why empower them with inner strength and they do not know how to properly display it to the world?  Those emotional intelligence skills need to be transformed into etiquette protocol ( social graces) and soft-skills refinement.  This is as simple as saying “please” and “thank you”. These skills are not only pertinent to display in public but they are indispensable to compete in a global society.  This etiquette and soft-skill decorum series is critical when it comes to daily discourse and will give Miss Congeniality Girls the competing edge.

Stay Calm and Dazzle benefits all Miss Congeniality Girls and includes a variety of etiquette topics, infused with our yoga and mindfulness component.  Miss Congeniality Girls will be well equipped to Stay Calm and Dazzle, in all situations.

Includesjulie diamond 2

~ Miss Congeniality Girls Journal

~ Miss Twists Yoga Activity Cards

~ A set of Congenial Chats to enforce social graces


Some topics we cover in this series are:

~ Table Manners

~ Social Media, Internet and Phone Etiquette

~ Social Manners

~ Personal Appearance

~ Poise and Body Language

~ Correspondence Etiquette (Our Congenial Chats stationary and note cards are used with this topic)

~ Business Etiquette

~ Many More

Our programs and products are used in after-school programs, summer programs, school day wellness push-in and pull-out, as a complement or replacement of traditional physical education classes, educational enhancements for parents, and for children who are home-schooled.  All of MCG programs are highly recommended for relational aggressive girls.

Click Here to create a culture of creativity, community, confidence and calmness in your school, organization or home.  Be sure to inquire about our teacher and parents yoga wellness retreats, offering many of the same benefits for overall mindfulness teaching and learning.

Stay Calm | Stay Mindful | Stay Balanced | Stay a Miss Congeniality Girl

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