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Stay Calm and Innovate


social entrepreneurshipOur Stay Calm and Innovate program aims to teach children about world issues, and how they can make a difference.  This program is the last phase of the series, giving the students an opportunity for application, from the other programs, by empowering them to become social entrepreneurs, making a difference for themselves and the world.

The “Stay Calm and Innovate” Curriculum requires the students to identify real social issues, develop a business to either directly or indirectly address it, and then partner with a local organization to donate a portion of the proceeds.  What better way to instill social and emotional competencies, such as empathy and responsible decision making.  The students learn what it is like to become a global citizen, by instilling values of financial responsibility, personal initiative, global awareness, and giving back.  Philanthropic and Social Awareness skills are instilled, cultivated, and applied in this engaging and innovative series.

This program involves opportunities for community and family engagement.   This program can be paired with our yoga and mindfulness awareness learning, for the maximum “whole child” learning.  The opportunity to be innovative and create businesses for social change is social and emotional learning, at its core.


Program Goals:single mcg guy

Tap into self-interests for personal wealth building

Financial Literacy-basic math and economic concepts

Basic personal financial management

Workplace readiness

Empathy Building-Caring for and helping others

Stress Management

Build grit, perseverance, and growth mindsets

Improve literacy, public speaking and communication skills

Learn business acumen and soft-skill refinement




stay calm and innovate circle logo 2Sample Topics:

Social Entrepreneurship & causes

Choosing a Charity

Loan, Interest and borrowing money

Business Branding and Product Planning


Purchasing Materials and Tracking Production

Cost, Unit Price, Revenue and Profit

Press Release

Health and Wellness for the busy Entrepreneur

Many More


lighbulb 1We are creating GAME CHANGERS-Get your students in the game-they can’t win-if not given the opportunity to play!  Cultivate growth mindsets, build empathy, grit, financial, philanthropic, and  leadership skills, by creating movements, for social change.  Contact us for more information on this highly engaging program,to create a culture of innovative change agents, in your school or organization.

Create culture of creativitycommunityconfidence and calmness in your school, organization or home.

Stay Calm | Stay Mindful | Stay Balanced | Stay a Miss Congeniality Girl 

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