Miss Congeniality Girls | Stay Calm and Relax~Mother & Daughter Yoga Retreat

Stay Calm and Relax~Mother & Daughter Yoga Retreat



Realizing that healthy relationships are a focus of social and emotional learning, MCG has provided partner yoga wellness retreats for relationship bonding, relationship restoring, fostering trust, open communication, acceptance and mutual respect. In addition to a fun day of wellness, the retreat helps to bridge any gaps in parental involvement while building a culture of community within your school and the community at large.  

Unbreakable Mother ~ Daughter relationships have been significant for females of color for centuries.  In recent years, we have begun to see a shift in the “ties that bind” for many reasons; both personal and societal.  Our Stay Calm and Relax Yoga Wellness Retreat offers, girls and their moms (or primary care person), a fun and relaxed format to bond, share, and celebrate  balanced and robust relationships.  It helps them to  identify their moms as a “go to person” in times of need.  Miss Congeniality Girls makes this complete with culturally relevant materials and discussions.  


This program is for schools and other organizations and includes the following:

~Structured activities and discussions

~Miss Congeniality Girls Journals per person

~Set of Miss Congeniality Girls activity yoga cards per pair

~Monogrammed water bottle per person


~Yoga mat usage ( personal yoga mat welcomed)

~Unlimited Personal Picture taking during activities and in front of step and repeat banner-makes great pictures for school website, hallway museum, and social media pages

~Unlimited Access to on-line congenial community forum

~Miss Congeniality Girls Yoga Greeting Cards per person

~Ask about our themed quarterly series


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Click Here or call to schedule a fun day of mom & daughter yoga/relationship wellness!

Stay Calm | Stay Mindful | Stay Balanced | Stay a Miss Congeniality Girl  

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