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yoga wellness3During a flight, the flight attendant tells us to secure our masks first and then assist the child traveling with us, there is an understanding that you can not fully help the child unless you are secure and equipped first.   Miss Congeniality Girls want to make sure our teachers are safe and secure first before they can secure the safety and well being of others.  In other words, teachers need to be able to release emotional baggage and develop calming and regular exercise routines to be of service to our students.  Not only is this beneficial for teachers, but it serves as a model of  “do what I do” as well as “do what I say” providing tools to transfer to students in response to challenging situations.

These retreats are customized for one retreat or several, depending on your school’s need.


Let us train your teachers for a Stay Calm Culture with our………

…….. train-the-trainer model ~ ~~ Miss Congeniality Girls also offers “Stay Clam and Learn“, a 3-hour train~ the~ trainer model for members of your staff to learn how to integrate our program into your school culture.  Teachers will learn different yoga pose sequences (including restorative yoga poses), mindfulness activities, calming breathing techniques, thinking and learning brain readiness poses, and how to integrate a culturally relevant wellness routine into your school day.

Stay Calm | Stay Mindful | Stay Balanced | Stay a Miss Congeniality Girl  

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